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Casa De Mariposas

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

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         Thank you for visiting Casa De Mariposas, which means "House of Butterflies",
                            of which 
there are 60 native species in Costa Rica.

   Located in Jaco, gateway to the Gold Coast of the Pacific side of Costa Rica, come visit this charming private villa situated in the Rainforest and across the coastal road to the beach - the best of both worlds in Costa Rica!  You'll enjoy all the wonders of the top tourist destination in the world.  There are dozens of ways to experience the magic of Costa Rica, including adventure sports, nature activities found nowhere else in the world, beaches, golf, world class fishing, vocanoes and entertainment and food that will dazzle you!  We are happy to assist you in your itinerary and arrangements for your adventures.  Our goal is to make your trip the most enjoyable and memorable.  See why all who visit Casa de Mariposas plan their next visit before they leave!  Thank you for visiting! 

Please enjoy our photo album.  All the pictures were taken on the property and at the beach directly across from the property.   We hope you'll share your memories with us.  


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